Cervivor is for YOU!


Have you recently been diagnosed with cervical cancer? Or are you a 3 year survivor, a 5 year survivor, a 20 year survivor?

Have you always wondered how to talk about your experience in a way that will help prevent others from having to go through what you went through?

Would you like to get more involved in educating your local community about prevention?

Whatever your story is, if you want to advocate to get rid of this disease once and for all…

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In the beginning

Living Past Cancer


When WAS the beginning and what IS on my mind? The beginning for me was 7 years ago with a cancer diagnosis at 33 years old. The past few years have been a constant go round of more diagnoses, cancer treatment, on-going care and me picking myself up off the floor and trying to get on with my life again.

So hard to gather the multitude of thoughts that have appeared in my brain since I was first diagnosed with the lurgy that is cancer.

The road hasn’t always been easy and now it isn’t necessarily harder – just different. Different from what it was, different to what I had planned it to be. I thought that with time I would find it easier to adjust, that I would move on eventually to living with all the different things in my life instead I find it hard some days to let…

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Ten Ways to Take Back Control of Your Life After Cancer



After a cancer diagnosis, when your life has felt out of control, or even when life just isn’t going your way, how do you take back your power? Most people are great at getting themselves worked up into a state that’s anything but empowering. When things get challenging, you need all of your resources if you’re really going to turn things around.

We all have the power to bring about positive change in our lives even under the most difficult circumstances.

Try these tips to regain some control over your life:

1. Be assertive. Many people are simply too passive to ever accomplish their biggest dreams. Sometimes you have to declare what you want. Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ to others. You don’t have to be selfish, but there’s nothing wrong with making a decision and then making it happen. When dealing with your doctors and their staffs or…

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Rates of Cervical Cancer Are Underestimated, Study Says


Rates of cervical cancer are higher than previously reported, according to a new study, specifically among older women and black women.

Previous estimates put the rate of cervical cancer at 11.7 per 100,000 women, with prevalence peaking for women between ages 40 and 44. But most of those estimates included women who had hysterectomies, which removes the uterus and cervix, making it impossible for those women to get cervical cancer.

The University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers published recalculations of cervical cancer rates in the journal Cancer. The researchers looked at the rates of hysterectomies and cervical cancer between 2000 and 2009. With these numbers, they were able to eliminate the women with hysterectomies from their calculations. They found that the cervical cancer incidence rate is actually 18.6 per 100,000 women.

The recalculations also found that cervical cancer prevalence actually peaked between ages 65 and 69. Black women…

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HPV Infects Two-Thirds of Healthy Americans, Study Finds


A new study has found that more than two-thirds of healthy American adults have been infected with at least one strain of human papillomavirus (HPV), but a “delicate balancing” act across 109 different strains frequently renders the sexually-transmitted disease dormant and harmless.

The study by researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center sampled DNA from 103 men and women, and found at least one strain of the virus in 69% of the subjects. Nearly 4% had one of two strains known to cause cervical cancer, throat cancer and genital warts.

The researchers also found that the various strains tend to interact and offset symptoms in a balancing act reminiscent of a bacterial environment.

“Our study offers initial and broad evidence of a seemingly ‘normal’ HPV viral biome in people that does not necessarily cause disease and that could very well mimic the highly varied bacterial environment in the body, or microbiome…

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Natural HPV Cure – Holistic Treatment for Positive HPV Infections

Billy Gee

Click Image To Visit SiteYour cure worked for me and I have recently learned that I no longer have HPV, my last pap smear was normal. Every year thousands of young men and women are diagnosed with an HPV infection (human papillomavirus) and are told “there is no cure”. Women are told the only treatment is a dangerous procedure called LEEP surgery or cryo treatment. Side effects of the LEEP procedure can prevent you from giving birth and cause other sexual health risks and serious pregnancy complications. However, failure to treat HPV can progress to life-threatening cervical cancer. There s a better way. Join others who just say “NO!” to LEEP and YES! to effective natural treatment. “At first I had no idea what HPV was or how serious it could become. They told me I was just one step away from cervical cancer! I knew I had a big…

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