Naturopathy – A Quick Guide



Many women diagnosed with cancer begin to look into natural healing methods. If you like the idea of relying on the healing power of nature, you may want to explore naturopathy. About one million Americans seeks naturopathic treatments each year, and you can find practitioners in many countries around the world.

Naturopathy began in Germany and spread throughout the nineteenth century. Benedict Lust, one of its founders, opened the first known health food store in New York City in 1895, selling vegetables, fruit, and homeopathic medicines.

Today, naturopathy still emphasizes self-healing and favors the least invasive forms of treatment. Take a quick look at the benefits of naturopathy and how to make them work for you.

Benefits of Naturopathy

1. Live healthy. Keeping yourself in good condition is the essence of naturopathy. Eat whole foods, exercise regularl manage stress, and sleep well.

2. Coordinate your treatment. You may need conventional…

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