Cervical cancer as it is commonly called, is a malignant tumor of the tissues in the cervix . The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the main cause of cervical cancer (Squamous cell cancer and Adenocarcinoma). The HPV with its over 400 types is passed on through sexual contact. Genital wart virus is a type of HPV that does not usually cause cell changes that develop into cancer. Using condoms reduces the chance of a woman developing pre cancerous changes in the cervix. Most sexually active women will come into contact with at least one type of HPV during their lifetime. Recent research proves that having both herpes and HPV infections at the same time increases the risk of squamous cell cancer up to about 80% in women.
Other causes of cervical cancer include; taking pills and having a weakened immune system. Research has also proven that women with partners who…

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